About Us



The PLAC movement began in Jenks  Public Schools. As the effort grew in the Tulsa suburbs, Central Oklahoma PLAC formed with parents from across the Oklahoma City metro including Norman to the south and Edmond in the north. From there, PLACs sprouted across the state and found traction during and following the Teacher Walk Out of 2018. Currently, at least eight unique PLAC organizations are active representing thousands of Oklahoma parents and their children.



Local PLACs work with their school boards, parents, teachers, and elected officials to generate a dialogue about how to improve and protect public schools. Candidate events, legislative days, calls, emails, and texts help us keep in touch with our elected representatives and create connection for them with their constituents. Social media, advocacy training, and meetings over lunch or coffee allow PLAC members to  raise awareness of issues or legislative proposals impacting public schools.



Working together as a coordinated team through the Oklahoma PLAC, our message becomes stronger. Though individual school districts may have unique needs, all PLACs advocate for a high-quality, fully funded public education system that equitably serves ALL children in our state. Media partners help us reach a broader audience as we work toward our goal of excellence in public schools.